The Sackett Lab:

Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Diseases


Research in our lab centers around the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases in wildlife, with particular focus on introduced diseases.  We combine field and lab approaches with genomic and bioinformatic tools to understand evolution in complex disease systems.  Current research in the lab occurs in two main systems: 1) avian malaria in Hawaiian honeycreepers and 2) sylvatic plague in prairie dogs.  These systems are explored across spatial and phylogenetic scales ranging from microevolution within populations to spatially dynamic communities in metapopulations to multiple species comprising adaptive radiations.

You can follow the lab on Twitter, and check our latest publications on ResearchGate and GoogleScholar.

Latest News:

The Sackett Lab and collaborators are featured in a story in The Garden Isle about Kauai’s endangered birds!


Welcome to the Sackett Lab!