Subtillery IV - 2024(?)

Previous versions of Subtillery

Subtillery 2020 was organized by Dr. Prahathees Eswara in response to the pandemic-related cancellations of in-person conferences to provide a venue for trainees to present their research. It was held virtually on June 8-12, 2020. Nearly 750 people registered to attend this meeting. The community overwhelmingly welcomed and appreciated this free online conference that shattered the economical and geographical barriers for scientists all over the world to attend and exchange ideas. It was determined that Subtillery should become a regular meeting even after the resumption of in-person conferences.

Subtillery 2021 (June 14-18) was organized by Dr. Matthew Cabeen (Oklahoma State University, USA); and Dr. Emma Denham (University of Bath, UK).

Subtillery 2022 (September 19-22) was organized by Dr. Niels Bradshaw (Brandeis University, USA) and Dr. Anna DragoŇ° (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia).

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