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Our Publications

Recent preprints/publications

Sebastian Khan, Amanda Osborn, and Prahathees Eswara*. "Effect of sunlight on the efficacy of commercial antibiotics used in agriculture." bioRxiv (2020) - Undergraduate Project

Maria White and Prahathees Eswara*.ylm has more than a (Z anchor) ring to it!Journal of Bacteriology (2020)

Robert Brzozowski, Brooke Tomlinson, Michael Sacco, Judy Chen, Anika Ali, Yu Chen, Lindsey Shaw, and Prahathees Eswara*. “Interdependent YpsA- and YfhS-Mediated Cell Division and Cell Size Phenotypes in Bacillus subtilis.” mSphere (2020)

Articles highlighting our research

University of South Florida: The news of our NIH R35 MIRA-ESI award, a first of its kind for USF, was celebrated through an USF News article.

Nature Reviews Microbiology: A review article highlighted the key findings of our 2018 eLife paper.

University of South Florida: Our 2018 eLife paper was advertised university-wide by an USF News article.

National Institutes of Health: The National Cancer Institute covered our 2018 eLife paper in a news article.

University of South Florida

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