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Camilla de Mattos, Artem Nemudryi, Dominick Faith, DeAnna Bublitz, Lauren Hammond, Margie Kinnersley, Caleb Schwartzkopf, Autumn Robinson, Alex Joyce, Lia Michaels, Robert Brzozowski, Alison Coluccio, Denghui David Xing, Jumpei Uchiyama, Laura Jennings, Prahathees Eswara, Blake Wiedenheft, and Patrick Secor. “Bacterial threat assessment of bacteriophage infection is mediated by intracellular polyamine accumulation and Gac/Rsm signaling.” PNAS (2023)

Michael Sacco, Lauren Hammond, Radwan Noor, Dipanwita Bhattacharya, Jesper Madsen, Xiujun Zhang, Shane Butler, M Trent Kemp, Aiden Jaskolka-Brown, Sebastian Khan, Ioannis Gelis, Prahathees Eswara*, and Yu Chen*. “Staphylococcus aureus FtsZ and PBP4 bind to the conformationally dynamic N-terminal domain of GpsB.” bioRxiv (2022)

Lauren Hammond, Michael Sacco, Sebastian Khan, Catherine Spanoudis, Abigail Hough, Yu Chen, and Prahathees Eswara*. "GpsB coordinates cell division and cell surface decoration by wall teichoic acids in Staphylococcus aureus." Microbiology Spectrum (2022)

Articles highlighting our research

University of South Florida: The recent publications of our lab were advertised university-wide by a USF-CAS the HUB article.

University of South Florida: The news of our NIH R35 MIRA-ESI award, a first of its kind for USF, was celebrated through an USF News article.

Nature Reviews Microbiology: A review article highlighted the key findings of our 2018 eLife paper.

University of South Florida: Our 2018 eLife paper was advertised university-wide by an USF News article.

National Institutes of Health: The National Cancer Institute covered our 2018 eLife paper in a news article.

University of South Florida

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