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Eswara Lab

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Recent publications:

Robert Brzozowski, Maria White, and Prahathees Eswara*. “Live-cell fluorescence microscopy to investigate subcellular protein localization and cell morphology changes in bacteria.” Journal of Visualized Experiments (Accepted)

Lauren Hammond, Maria White, and Prahathees Eswara*. “¡vIVA la DivIVA!” Journal of Bacteriology (2019)

Robert Brzozowski, Mirella Huber, A. Maxwell Burroughs, Gianni Graham, Merryck Walker, Sameeksha Alva, L. Aravind, and Prahathees Eswara*. “Deciphering the role of a SLOG superfamily protein YpsA in Gram-positive bacteria.” Frontiers in Microbiology (2019)

Available positions:

We will be accepting graduate students to join our lab in 2020.

We have an ongoing search for a postdoctoral fellow position.

University of South Florida

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