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Recent preprints/publications:

Maria White, Abigail Hough-Neidig, Sebastian Khan, and Prahathees Eswara*. “MraZ transcriptionally controls the critical level of FtsL required for focusing Z-rings and kickstarting septation in Bacillus subtilis.” Journal of Bacteriology (2022)

Lauren Hammond, Michael Sacco, Sebastian Khan, Catherine Spanoudis, Abigail Hough-Neidig, Yu Chen, and Prahathees Eswara*. "GpsB coordinates cell division and cell surface decoration by wall teichoic acids in Staphylococcus aureus." Microbiology Spectrum (2022)

Sebastian Khan, Amanda Osborn, and Prahathees Eswara*. "Effect of sunlight on the efficacy of commercial antibiotics used in agriculture." Front. in Microbiol. (2021) - Undergraduate Project

Maria White and Prahathees Eswara*.ylm has more than a (Z anchor) ring to it!Journal of Bacteriology (2021)

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