Disinhibitory & Emotionally-Dysregulated Forms of Psychopathology:
Psychopathy, Externalizing, Personality Disorders, Substance Use, Aggression and Violence, & Suicide Risk

Approaches & Methods:
Clinical Assessment, Personality, Psychophysiology & Neuroscience, & Affective Science

What Do We Study?

We, at the DARC Lab, are interested in applying personality and affective science technologies to understanding disinhibition, externalizing disorders, emotional deficits or excesses, and dysregulated traits in adults and adolescents. Syndromes of interest include psychopathy, violence, criminality, personality disorders (e.g., borderline, antisocial), impulsive suicide, and substance use. Our main goal is to identify risk factors for these problems, including understanding how these behaviors can be characterized in terms of biology, stress/adversity, personality traits, and psychophysiology.

How Do We Study It?

We conduct studies that provide information on biological and psychosocial risk for externalizing problems, psychopathy, and dysregulated traits using community and forensic samples, and examine the role of emotional and cognitive processing in the lab. Lab members use a variety of experimental methods (diagnostic assessments, laboratory studies) and measures (genes,  behavior, EEG/ERP, startle, etc.) to study why individuals have problems controlling their emotions and behavior. Lab members are also trained to administer and/or conduct ratings on the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID) and the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL), as well as other assessment instruments (e.g., Timeline Follow-Back, Personality Disorders Interview).

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